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Why Being Perfect Will Ruin You | Rangan Chatterjee on Health Theory

Functional Medicine Practitioner and author of How to Make Disease Disappear, Rangan Chatterjee, joins Tom on this week’s episode of Health Theory. Dr. Chatterjee explains his four pillars of health and why balance across the four, rather than perfection in one, is essential.

Why most disease can end through lifestyle change [0:37]
Why is life expectancy going down? [2:01]
What is epigenetics and why is it exciting? [4:50]
Keeping health simple [6:45]
Lifestyle over diet and the ‘threshold’ concept [7:26]
A 360 degree approach to improving health [10:06]
Why we shouldn’t completely demonize carbs [14:44]
Why strength training is undervalued [18:18]
A simple fix to widely common mistakes [20:30]
The psychology behind food choices [23:38]
Why mindful eating matters [28:04]
Short-term pleasure vs. long-term consequences [29:30]
Why when we eat is just important as what we eat [30:53]
Prioritizing and enhancing sleep quality [33:24]
The importance of ‘me’ time [35:45]
The value of root-case medicine [37:05]

How To Make Disease Disappear by Rangan Chatterjee: https://amzn.to/2tkHQOh
BBC Show “Doctor In The House”: https://youtu.be/j9HPSP7QwPU

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