The Simple, Unsexy Truth About Success | The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy | Book Review

The Simple, Unsexy Truth About Success | The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy | Book Review

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The Compound Effect is a book about doing small, menial tasks that add up over time. This is the secret of success. Success is not finding the one little trick that will set off a chain reaction of the right things to lead to massive success.

Pick a half a dozen little things that will lead to success, be they doing sales calls, hitting the gym in the morning, eating properly, and just make them consistent and routine.

Do this day in and day out and you'll see the results from this compound over time and the progression isn't linear. The example from the book is if you take a penny and double it every day for 31 days. What will be worth more, that penny, or three million?

If you watched the video you know the penny is worth 3 times more! That's the compound effect. If you exercise every day, you won't notice a big difference every day. But then one day you realize you're muscular, lean, and confident and you've been getting a ton of attraction from the opposite sex and it's just up and up and up from there.

So this is the Compound Effect. This is the secret to success. It's just doing a bunch of little things, but doing them consistently and not accepting any excuses to not doing them.

It's always a good idea to surround yourself with better people who are at where you want to be at, and it's always a fantastic idea to track everything you do. Be it your meals you take in, weights you lift, spending, networking events you attend, the good stuff.

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