The FBI REFUSED Incriminating Evidence Against Biden | Rudy Giuliani | Huckabee

The FBI REFUSED Incriminating Evidence Against Biden | Rudy Giuliani | Huckabee

Democrats loved when Giuliani cleaned up Times Square. Now, not so much.

My first guest tonight served as the 107th Mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001 He’s a lawyer and former federal prosecutor. He served as US Associate Attorney General and then US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, but fast forward to 2021 Rudy Giuliani has been targeted with political persecution by corrupt New York Democrats, who somehow decided that the Mayor shouldn’t be able to practice law in The Empire State, maybe ever again Joining us now from New York, Mayor, Rudy, Giuliani, “, America’s Mayor ,” and my friend

Mayor first of all, this is stunning what has happened to you after 52 years with a law license. Some of these highly partisan people in New York have decided to take your license and suspend it because you accurately represented your client. What’S up with this, It’s very frightening Mike and I’m you know, I’m not the first of the Trump lawyers to be harassed like this and have their civil rights denied. In fact, it seems to me the only lawyers whose offices get raided are Trump lawyers. I mean. I was a lawyer for 52 years and a prosecutor for 17. I never raided a lawyer’s office even when they represented the mafia, Nazis and terrorists.

So there’s a different rule. I mean the things that I was saying that they’re complaining about. I was pointing out evidence that I had from other people of fraud in the election and I even offered my affidavits to the court. I said “ I’ll make any affidavit’s. You want available ,” and they ignored that ignored them. Just concluded that I was lying. You are representing a client. An attorney has not only a right but an obligation to represent his or her client in the most effective way possible and to represent what the client wants represented, which is exactly what you were doing.

If you can have your law license suspended for that, then there’s not a citizen in the United States. That can be confident that his or her attorney is going to be able to represent them without the intervention of partisan political weaponry.

I don’t know why the ACLU has not stepped in on your behalf, I mean I think I do, but normally they would be all over this saying “. You can’t interfere with an attorney and his client “ There’s a privilege there. .” I mean I have great respect for the ACLU, even though I disagreed with them many many times, because I agree with the principle that you’ve got to represent sometimes very very controversial causes.

Somebody has to do it and if I get appointed I’ll do it You know I now it seems as if you can represent controversial causes as long as it isn’t Donald Trump and then you’re a traitor you’re. Whatever you are, but I mean he is entitled to representation, I mean he’s a citizen of the United States and he’s entitled to vigorous representation. You have to give your client the benefit of the doubt. Yeah

_, You have to give your client, you have to see it in the light most favorable to your client and now, if that offends the “ New York Times” or the Bar Association, I mean tough luck. It offends me sometimes when people represent terrorists who you know have killed innocent people, but I understand it and I accept it and I wouldn’t want to do it, but if I was required to do it, I would

I want to talk on a personal level. I don’t think most people understand that when you’re the target of these kind of attacks – and I want to remind our audience – these were five Democrats. This is not some bipartisan commission

These are people who have weaponized their positions, have specifically targeted you and uniquely targeted you, but you have to defend yourself and it costs an enormous amount of money. My guess is mayor, you probably are, I mean absolutely devastated financially by all. That has been done to try to silence you. Am I right about that? Yeah you’re right about it and that’s part of it. I mean part of it. I mean it isn’t just this. It’S all of the frivolous lawsuits that have been brought, all of which have to be answered.

It’S the US Attorney in the Southern District of New York, carrying on a two and a half year investigation in search of a crime. It’s having raided my house and having found nothing

The only incriminating thing in my house are the Hunter Biden hard drives and they wouldn’t take’em. I mean I offered them the incriminating evidence “ Here I got plenty of crimes for you, ,” and the FBI said “. No, no! No! No. We don’t want that .”. They didn’t take the I mean it isn’t just this .

Laptops right I mean that’s stunning, No, no, and it contains one crime after another, including child pornography. So how can people help? Because I want to let our folks know that there are ways maybe to help with the legal expenses, and it could be them.

You know we have a defense-, It isn’t, thank God, it isn’t them, but it could be.

It’s you, how can we help you? We have a defense fund, and part of that is also so that we can have the resources to turn around and sue them. I mean I have an awful lot of civil rights lawyers who believe that they have violated my civil rights and several other people and we’re trying to put together a group that can sue them for what they’re doing They’re, taking away the right to counsel they’re. Taking away my free speech rights,

I mean when they say I can’t say these things. I said these things also as a citizen, it wasn’t in court. I said them on a show like yours or some other show, and by the way anybody can contradict me. They can just come on and contradict me Yeah. That’S what free speech is about.

I get to say what I believe and you get to say what you believe and the public then figures it out.

I’m not allowed to say that I believe there was fraud in the election, but I know there was so. What am I gon na do? I know there was. I have I have sitting in my apartment over 300 affidavits of other people who tell me there was fraud in the investigation, so I would be lying if I said there wasn’t. Other people have told me that, and it’s their evidence that I would like to be heard. I’D like somebody to hear their evidence and then decide was there or wasn’t there: fraud

And as a lawyer, I just think I have an obligation to do that, no matter what they do to me. That’S how it’s supposed to work. I’M also very glad that there are some very liberal Democrat lawyers and constitutional scholars like Jonathan Turley and others who are coming to your defense and saying what’s happening to. You is outright outrageous and I couldn’t agree more Mayor. It’S always good to see you

I appreciate your courage and your tenacity, and I hope our folks will help you Well. Thank you Mike. You know how much I admire you

Well, it’s a privilege. Now I want our audience to know you can follow the Mayor on Twitter @ RudyGiuliani and also check out his “ Common Sense” podcast. You can get that at…

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