The Daily PDF

The Daily PDF

The Daily PDF
~ Chaz Saxon

Over the years, the gurus have always proclaimed “Content is King”. Yet they make their money selling shiny objects that promise to make you rich without having to do the heavy lifting of writing, creating videos, or recording podcasts.

To keep me writing, I decided to create a content creation system that works for me.

Every day, I create a new giveaway pdf that can be used to draw people to various lists. Each pdf runs about 2,000 to 3,000 words on a specific subject.

For me, pumping out 2,000+ words takes 2 ~ 4 hours depending on the topic. Think about that for a second. If you work a 5 day week, 50 weeks a year, you will turn out over a half a million words a year. That’s 5 nice sized hardbacks if you put them together.

Writing an ebook a day can get tedious, so in harmony with my personal theme, I am putting myself on a 90 day blitz beginning August 9th. At the end of the 90 days, I will travel and do some light promotion of existing sites. Prague looks good, but it might be Bangkok.

I want everyone who reads one of my pdf ebooks to join one of my lists. While most gurus recommend Aweber or GetResponse, I use free ones like MailChimp or Listwire (gone) for the most part. I am even testing out some WordPress plugins and other free 3rd party solutions, but it’s good to have someone else scrubbing the lists.

Each pdf will need a squeeze page that you can create in the list software members area. Since you are creating a new pdf every day, this is a good place to learn to write killer squeeze pages, or to test video squeeze pages to see what works best.

Each pdf is posted on a related domain as a pdf. Then the real work begins. From the pdf, I extract 3 ~ 5 articles and posts for article directories, guest blogging, and other community pages. If the articles do not fit neatly into one of my existing domains, I can always create a new one on freenom.

Each article or post has it’s unique bio/resource box. I used to spin full articles, but I now save the spinner for each bio box. Links go to the main pdf squeeze page, my top level URLs, or to other articles posted in the directories. Natural cross-linking and backlinks at their finest.

Depending on the location of the article or post, I might do some contextual marketing by putting an affiliate link in the text. Most likely, though, you want to do this article marketing to get readers on your email list and to your main site. Also, most article directories prohibit affiliate links in the articles or the bio box. At the very least, make any textual links “nofollow”.

The reason I chose a 90/30 schedule is relatively simple. I am returning to a life of perpetual traveler. I prefer to work like a madman for 90 days, create 90 ebooks, promote my lists, and then feel free to veg out for 30 days. Visit the sites. Hop on trains and see new countries. Take care of that bucket list.

90 days does not have to be in one country, but I think it makes the process easier. Actually, being away from your home country makes it easier in some respects, especially if you pick a nice beach and live small. Most countries around the world will give you a 90 day period of stay, and you have a chance to really make friends.

For the 30 day “reward” for your hard work, I like sleeping in a new city each night. You can do whatever you like, but I find 30 days of adventure travel enough to beat me back into submission.

So what do you write about for 90 days?

Health. Wealth. Relationships.

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