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Sunday Special Ep 4: Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan joins Ben on this episode of the Sunday Special, where they take a deep dive into the subjects of gender identity, celebrity worship, and Roseanne's sudden implosion. Look out every Sunday for new episodes featuring key newsmakers and public figures on THE BEN SHAPIRO SHOW: SUNDAY SPECIAL!  Read more…

The Reason for Almost All Mental Illnesses – Prof. Jordan Peterson

Psychology professor Jordan B. Peterson identifies the root of almost all mental illnesses. This excerpt is part of his comprehensive lecture “2017 Maps of Meaning 5: Story and Metastory (Part 1)” at the University of Toronto. You can watch it Read more…

Jordan Peterson: Antisocial psy.cho.pathic males

Jordan Peterson talks in this video about antisocial psy.cho.pathic males. This clip comes from professor Peterson's: "2017 Maps of Meaning 3: Marionettes and Individuals (Part 2)"