Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness

First get started. identify the areas of your life where you can improve your health and create a plan that’s meant specifically for you.

Stick to the general plan but make small changes as necessary to get the most out of your plan.

There are no quick fixes or shortcuts especially at the age of 67.

Low energy and fatigue are symptoms of inactivity and too much sitting.

Age is just a number. When I look at people I went to high school with 50 years ago, it scares me just how bad some of them look. Now, if you do look fine for your age, but mostly it’s the men who have remarried much younger women, and maybe have even young children at this age.

Among the women by age, only a few could compete with women in the Ukraine or China as to looks, fitness, and fashion.

For me, I find it very difficult to get motivated to exercise.

As much as I hate it, exercise boosts your energy level. During the recent lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, I did even less exercise than before. Planet Fitness is still closed as of the date I write this.

I chose Planet Fitness for a number of reasons. First, it’s Dirt Cheap compared to other gems. Second, they call themselves judgement free and I think that’s true. people leave you alone to do your own exercises without competition. and third, the facilities in my area are big, new, clean and available 24 hours a day.

Even though gyms can reopen in the state of Florida, Planet Fitness has not yet reopened in my area. I’m not sure why. But I think Planet Fitness does not trust the government not to create new lockdowns in the near future. It would be expensive to open back up, bring people back to work, get members back in the gym, and then have to do a shutdown all over again.


Planet Fitness reopened with short hours not suitable for my schedule. After 5 years, I am no longer a member.

I need to develop a good routine for at-home exercise that works many different muscles. It can be done in short bursts. I no longer have the energy for long workouts, and I’m thinking about just canceling Planet Fitness all together.

At the gym, I did notice that walking on the treadmill which is very upright helped improve my posture as compared to walking outside. Going outside walking, especially in Florida, is especially important for increasing your vitamin D levels and building up your resistance to viruses.

What I am doing now is building up a routine of rituals and habits that will make exercise and fitness at this age something that is easy to do and maintain.

For the past two years, I have been eating a whole food plant-based vegan diet.

I began eating the vegan diet to fight high blood sugar levels and diabetes. But you don’t stay vegan forever unless you start to have a spiritual awakening that you don’t have to kill sentenac beings to satisfy your taste buds.

Now I grew up eating eastern North Carolina BBQ which most people around the country call pulled pork.

One of my last jobs where I went out to work for another company, I would take my lunch to work which was mostly meatloaf, chili, and beef stew.

It’s easy to make all of your meals for the week on Sunday and just freeze whatever you need to freeze and add rice and beans.

Part of the problem for seniors is we have memories of how fit we were when we worked out as teenagers or young adults.

After months or years of inactivity, you can’t just jump into an hour of heavy weight lifting and expect not to suffer for the next week for muscle pain.

The workout routines that I am creating for myself are a combination of strength training and cardio. Until the gym is reopened, I want to make sure that I can do strength training at home on my own with a minimum of equipment.

I also want to include a number of stretching exercises that we used when we were cross country and track athletes and high school.

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