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Male Infertility Alert – Analysis of Semen Liquefaction Time in Evaluating Infertility in IVF


Semen is supposed to become liquid within 20 minutes of ejaculation (after collecting semen sample in case of your partner. If it takes long, it means deficient enzyme activity causing a problem with continued coagulation which means the sperm is not free and released to fertilize the ovum (eggs released from the ovary). The semen does the same thing outside as it would have done inside the reproductive tract. Yes, the prostate gland secret most of the thick fluid for the sperms. Sperm (male seeds) come from the testicles. Here is the full explanation….

The prostate glands secrets and contain several chemicals, of which prostate specific antigen (PSA) is probably the most interesting. PSA is an enzyme, a catalyst that causes biochemical reactions, in this case a type of enzyme called a coagulase. The prime function of PSA is to liquefy the clotted semen, so that the spermatozoa can escape from it and swim off to fertilize the ovum (egg) in the woman’s reproductive tract.

Please note that PSA is not specific for prostate cancer. No! I did not diagonise prostate cancer in your husband. He is only 33 and too young for that. Please also know that PSA can be elevated in prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate), as well as BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

As a side note, because PSA is called specific antigen or protein for the prostate. It is a coagulase meaning that it is an enzyme that dissolves or eat away fibrin (much like invisible cobweb) so that sperms are free to swim and fertilize the eggs. So they are necessary and this is peculiar with prostate and the way God designed the male’s reproductive biology.

Some natural whole foods and supplemensts like zinc, magnesium, selenium, lycopene, and B-complex vitamins especially B6 can balance the PSA (enzyme level) so that the liquefaction time can be corrected back to normal (20 minutes or less). In fact, zinc is the reason semen is white. 5 ml ejaculate (one round) eliminates 15mg of zinc from the male body.

Please don’t forget detoxification, cleansing and eating right by both couples. I have seen raw fruits and vegetables correct hormonal imbalance and bring the semen back to normal liquefaction time. Fertility and superfoods also corrected other semen parameters. Evaluation of both couple is encouraged for wholistic approach and to uncover other infertility factors that needs to be corrected.

“Any remedy that can cure infertility can increase chances of getting pregnant just like anything that can prevent disease can cure it.”–Uzo Onuwkugha


Source by Uzo Onukwugha

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