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How To Reinvent Yourself in 2021 (getting a fresh start)

How To Reinvent Yourself in 2021 (getting a fresh start)

– Hi, how are you guys? This is the third year in a row that I have made a video on the subject of reinventing yourself. It has become like a tradition, I guess. It seems to me that there is something powerful in that idea in that opportunity that we have with the beginning of a new year. Just review how the year turned out and see where you can improve where you can apply adjustments that we can resume all that .

.. And it’s very interesting how every year I find myself in a different situation so what I will say is a little different. And after the year that we had, I feel a desire to go back to basics. I want optimism.

I want a way forward. To do that, let’s keep it simple. Life has given us lemonade so it’s time to make lemonade. I bought this so I can say that. Let’s make that lemonade, right?

I made a short list of topics that I will be focusing on this New Year. There are just 3 things. I: Don’t wait.

I think one of the consequences of having to spend so much time in confinement this year is that many of us have lost our appreciation for one of the most precious resources we have, which is time. We are killing time waiting for things to happen to return to normal.

Except we won’t go back to normal. Normal was never normal. Although it was definitely a hackneyed movie full of silly sexual jokes I remember the movie Click with Adam Sandler in which the protagonist begins to anticipate all the uncomfortable moments of his life. And before you know it, you are at the end. I’ve been thinking about it a lot because I admit there were a lot of moments this past year where I just thought, ‘Well, we just have to get over this and things will get better.

‘ I was playing wait.

But I don’t want my whole life to be a waiting game. Basically, I am not going to wait for the world to change or improve for my benefit. I will not wait to try to make the things I dream come true or to start my projects. And if that requires finding creative solutions for all that in my apartment, so be it.

I am always trying to remind myself that it is a miracle that I am alive, that in fact it is quite unlikely to exist and not just take that for granted. I have to value it while I have it. I think that this first point, more than anything, is about taking action. And if you’ve been following my videos you know that I recently took a break from social media , which really opened my eyes to my media consumption. Quick productivity tip if you were looking for one, if you want to immediately double your productivity get out of social networks , seriously .

.. I guess that is associated with my point of not waiting because when I look back on my life I think about what are the things that I will remember as important. They are not going to be TikToks they are not going to be reality shows. And I have nothing against TikTok or against reality shows or against anyone who enjoys those things, but I also do not regret when I say that for me they are a waste of time, they do not align with my priorities, with my goals with the direction in which I want to go with how I want to spend my time.

For me there are better ways to spend free time or to give myself a break. I really need a mental space and I find that overstimulation is paralyzing for me. II: Amor fati. That’s a Latin phrase that I probably mispronounced as usual that means love of destiny or love of destiny. The way I interpret that is essentially an enthusiastic acceptance of everything that happens to you in life, which is exactly the approach I want to have towards all the obstacles that I have in my life.

And I’m not saying I’m good at it, I’m just saying that I try hard to do it. [laughs] Where– We’re trying to take pictures of you. Oh, I found a Sadi in the wild. – [Sadia] I’m very happy. Have you noticed the two things that have made me happy on this trip so far?

– They have been food … – Yes, and? – Things (?

) – But … related to food. – Right [laughs] – Did it work?

-Yes. – Yes, it was great. – Indeed (in Dutch) I want that Amor fati in my life. Amor fati [singing] That fits with an idea that I spoke about recently on No Backup Plan, my other channel about letting life surprise you and the doors that it opens, the flexibility that that provides in all situations.

Nietzsche, the philosopher wrote a lot about that idea.

“My formula for greatness in a human being is amor fati : not wanting anything to be different neither in the past nor in the future, nor for all eternity. Not only endure what is necessary, and even less hide it ―but love it” . I wasted a lot of time this year thinking and obsessing over past mistakes or wishing things were different. And all I can say about that is that it didn’t bring anything into my life other than exhaustion. I don’t need any of those things.

I am a huge fan of Maya Angelou. I have quoted her before on this channel. I think he was a brilliant person. There is a phrase from her that I have become obsessed with that fits perfectly with this idea.

“I have always thought that life likes to be lived to the fullest.

You must live and life will be good to you, it will give you experiences. They may not all be so pleasant, but no one promised you a rose garden. But probably, if you dare what you get are wonderful results. ” “Courage is probably the most important of the virtues because without courage you cannot practice any of the other virtues.

You cannot say against a criminal society, ‘I oppose their crimes.

‘ You have to have courage to do so.” And at the end of the day, yeah … there’s a lot of nonsense out there a lot of things messed up.

Many reasons to rage. There are many changes going on and a large part of it is scary and uncomfortable but I am not going to let any of those things take away my love for life, my excitement for today for what I am doing for what I am going to create and for what I’m going to discover about myself.

And my last point is simple. III: Pay more attention. This is very personal I guess, but I really enjoy doing things especially with my hands.

More and more I feel an intense attraction towards the world of analog and I am loving it. Analog photography, analog communication with postcards Analog capture of ideas with pencil and paper. Someone recently gave me a voice recorder to capture ideas in audio format but in analog form. I think one of the big imbalances that I have felt this last year was the impact of distractions and strong stimuli that exist out there, being distracted by the waves of social media podcasts, videos, articles and all that. And none of those things is bad by itself but it is more than all the quantity is the constant bombardment and incessant it is the overload that is harmful.

Making that recent video about my social media detox I felt that analog was a solution for me, it was a way of traveling back in time to a place and time where I could be more present in my own experiences and what I am for.

going. It’s just an idea. I want to pay more attention in my life. I want to take more breaks, reflect more often, stop doing many things simultaneously.

Anything with real value takes time. I want to share some final thoughts on what’s to come in the new year but first a few words about sponsoring this video, Morning Brew. I have been looking for ways to consume information and stay up to date with the news other than following the conventional news cycle and social media. That’s a lot to digest and it takes a lot of time because it’s endless. For that reason I have been looking for another solution and one of those solutions has been the newsletters believe it or not , which is exactly what Morning Brew is.

It is a free daily newsletter from Monday to Saturday. I don’t follow anyone on Instagram I hardly ever go to Twitter and as I said before I don’t have any news app.

I’ve managed to remove that but I still want to get an idea of what’s going on in the world. I like that Morning Brew covers the main business and technology news in a fairly concise and interesting way, so consider taking a look if you are interested in business, technology, finance ..

. Like I said, I’m starting to think that newsletters they are the best way. Also, by the way, it ‘s free and takes about 15 seconds to subscribe. Just click on the description to subscribe and thanks to Morning Brew for sponsoring this video. I just wanted to take a moment now to say thank you, once again I do it every now and then but I really think it’s important to say it.

Thank you thank you thank you for all the support over the last 21 months. It’s been a while, right? The truth is that I did not see my life going in this direction but I am not complaining, it has been an incredible adventure. I really want to write a book this year. I’ve hinted at that before but for some reason or another I haven’t been able to fully address it; and that has to change this year.

It is one of my highest priorities right now.

What I plan to do this year, and this is the closest I’m going to get to creating a New Year’s resolution is … and it’s going to be difficult and it’s going to take a lot of discipline; consistency and focus but I would like to write an hour a day in the morning and make music an hour a day at night.

And in between I can do the rest of my work, the things that pay the bills but I would love to start and end the day with those two hours.

Creating that plan and sharing it with you in this video is my way of manifesting something that I’ve been wanting for a long time which is experimenting with other media and creating things outside of social media and … you know .

.. videos. I plan to provide updates in the future and if you are interested in receiving them the best way to get them – and I know you see it coming – is to subscribe to my newsletter. Seriously, I work really hard on those newsletters.

It’s an algorithm-free way to get to them which is great. A win-win situation for all of us. Thank you so much again for watching this video and for your time, support and everything. I am very excited for everything to come in this new year. We are going to do it.

Let’s go there. Life has given us lemons, let’s make that lemonade. take a look at my store – are you recording? – Yes, but this is useless material.

If you don’t mind, if we go to Haarlem I’d love to go to the camera shop with you.

– Happily. – Yes? – Yes. It’s like a toy store to me..

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