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How to Practice Poverty Like Seneca and Tim Ferriss

How to Practice Poverty Like Seneca and Tim Ferriss

My specify is pursue batch and welcome to my path. Today, I’m going to be talking about some opinion that is almost 2,000 years old, but is still incredibly related and practical. Today, the exact admonition I’m talking about was written down by die, called Seneca way back in 65 AD, and it starts a little something like this practice, living in poverty practice being poor, mostly rehearse living with almost nothing to your honour, sound, crazy yeah. It probably does it utterly sounded crazy to me when I firstly is known about it, it’s probably something that you think is insane, but honestly I wan na invest this video tell you why I think this advice, there’s one tip of practical advice from a Roman philosopher – Is so incredibly important and can still be used by so many beings today, honestly, I just wan na invest this video tell you why I think this is relevant, why I think you could even start implementing in their own lives. So again, this advice came from a die appointed Seneca.

He was a Roman philosopher and he wrote this down in 65 ad in his moral letters to Lucilius, also commonly known as words from a stoic, and mostly these are the exact strings that he wrote down. So I precisely require I’ll read these out first, so you guys gon na feel the exact literature that I’m pulling this from set aside a certain number of dates, during which you shall be content with the Stan. Tia stand cheapest, fare with coarse and rough dress, saying to yourself the. While is this the condition that I feared to rephrase this wire? It mostly does something like this compile the time frame for yourself to live as inexpensively as possible on next to nothing, and formerly you are, and formerly you recognize what it’s truly like to live like that, ask yourself this: are you really afraid of that?

I actually didn’t locate the information collected instantly from Senator himself or from read those words myself. I actually encountered it through Tim Ferriss, he’s a very well-known author, blogger and podcast host. Today um he wrote the book 4-hour workweek, which is the most influential book. I’Ve ever read in “ peoples lives”. I don’t say that softly.

It truly planned it. The most influential book I’ve ever read in my life. If you hadn’t read it, I most spur that but anyways. This is a very particularly highly prosperous and successful author. I symbolize the guy’s got numerou best-selling records highly being successful and more he’s still applying this exact advice to his working life.

I spotted this article that actually mentions exactly what he does that he says is actually in line with what Seneca was talking about earlier. This is very important to me and imminently applicable to real life. For instance, I will regularly three ceaseless days per month, minimum practice fasting. I will do that from early Thursday dinner to an early Sunday dinner to simply expose myself to the rather often unfamiliar sensation of real emptines. So even a person as successful with that as much money to his refer as Tim Ferriss actually practises this all the time, and you can see that it’s important to him and honestly, you can do the exact same thing in your life, whether it’s by not having Any food, the nature he does and fasting perfectly or simply by giving yourself an extremely tighten plan, something crazy like ten dollars per week, for all of the things that you need to buy that week, like food and any presentation or anything that you need for health.

Something like that just go crazy with it, and certainly impel yourself to live as cheap as possible and realistically what you’re gon na get out of this is exactly what Tim Ferriss is dead and out of it every time that he does it forcing yourself to not Feed any menu is really going to be a difficult thing to do, but once you actually get some nutrient you’re going to appreciate it so much more, even if that nutrient is like a $ 1 rice and beans meal, which is exactly what my dinner would be. Even after that type of fast, even if it’s just something that inexpensive something, that’s simple and basic, you didn’t appreciate it so much more than you ever could have before, because it’s frankly precisely better than no meat at all the same thing happens when you give yourself A super tight fund like $ 10 per week for food, if you successfully “ re going through” an part week on $ 10 the day after that intention and you deplete a marry dollars additional, even though it’s something real big you’re, just going to appreciate that meat. So much more and think of everything from there on out as a comfort, it’ll spawn yourself, behavior more material with all the food that you are already gobble and your the food that you currently have and actually it’ll precisely constitute you more satisfied with all the things That you already have so mostly when people say, don’t make things for conceded, or you know, focus on the things that you do have and not on the things that you don’t. This is a way to candidly action that to happen. That’S exactly what Seneca Anton Ferriss are talking about, take action so that you recognize any issues that you do have, rather than just thinking of things that you want more.

This advice will usually force you to live your worst-case scenario. Right now. Imagine the worst-case scenario: if things something random happened to you in living and you suddenly find yourself living with simply not a great deal of fund to your name, you know you’re pressure yourself to practice that appearance, so that, if anything, does happen in the future, you’re Actually prepared for it, it’s going to that you’re going to fear that outcome a lot less because you rehearsal it. Let’S just say right now, you were forced to not live for $ 10. A few weeks on nutrient you’d probably be really scared and time dreaded of actually being able to accomplish that thinking.

You probably can’t do that. You’Re gon na have to find other things to do, but what, if you had already said and done beforehand what? If you had pattern living on $ 10 a few weeks beforehand, even though you don’t? You don’t have to live for $ 10 a week every week, but simply a duet weeks out of the year force yourself to do that abruptly. If it actually happens to you in real life, it’s not something that you’re afraid of it’s something that you understand, something that you know you can overcome yourself, something that you totally are not afraid of, and that’s exactly what their recommendations does it breaks down.

Panic Tim Ferriss talks about these principles, a lot in his volume, 4-hour workweek. He often pertains it to the notion of quitting your job to fully enjoy life. So imagine you have a nine-to-five job and you’re not exactly experiencing it, and you have a passion you want to follow that excitement and take the health risks and quit the number of jobs and don’t follow that passion, whether it’s traveling the world, starting your own business. Making art whatever it may be, most people are afraid to actually take that chance to actually take a risk, and do that so imagine you are afraid to quit a nine-to-five job to pursue your resentment honestly. What’S probably supporting you back is that you were scared that worst case scenario, you’re run out of money.

Your spirit doesn’t pan off. Nothing good is going for you and you’re stuck with good-for-nothing to your reputation. That is an extremely common dread for a great deal of people, but what, if you had depleted weeks or epoches in advance, practicing that exact thing happening? What if you knew what it was like to really not have a lot of money and impel yourself to live? Like that, suddenly you know that you can unexpectedly, you know that you actually can be content living like that abruptly you’re, not afraid, and that worst-case situation actually isn’t so bad at all, and that is why I think this advice is so relevant practical today, even though It was originally recorded in 65 ad roughly 2,000 several years ago, because truly, if you magnetism yourself to do these things, that put you in an disagreeable orientation magnetism you to live in a state that you had originally been afraid of.

You’Re gon na be able to counter that fright, which is just insanely powerful again. I’Ve exerted that word a lot this video, but it really is powerful to be able to overcome that fright simply by trying this new habit trying this new routine and therein lies the advice, if you’re, truly afraid of living without money are truly afraid of right. Now the money we’re living without something that you own in your life practice living without those things, because then, if the day actually comes, when you need to live without them, you’re not going to be as gazed you’re going to be ready and prepared. For that day. To have arrived, one of the most important aspects of this advice is that it is actionable.

It is something that you can do today if something that you can start today, it’s something that really doesn’t need a lot of effort to actually try it out and see how it goes for yourself. You can actually start this tonight. You can start living on less money and less coin and less money tonight and forcing yourself to do those things that you know primarily you’ve been afraid of, and that’s really what’s something that is so cool and hygienic and Tim Ferriss, I’m sure would agree on this. One thing: knowing this information is entirely different from behave on it. So if you really are someone who liked this video and think that this topic is really interesting, try it out, for yourself try taking something, that’s important to you and making it out of your life.

For a week for a day, even if that’s all you can administer and identify what life is like understanding that you can live without those things, will only give you more appreciation for the things that you do have for the things that you do own and it’ll Really curb those panics in the future and again those two things are just so insanely strong and that’s why I made this video, because I wanted to talk about this advice and why I think this advice is so important and that just about covers up the video. I was really excited to make this one. I hope you guys liked it it’s kind of a different topic and different setup than I typically is available in my video, so I hope you guys experienced again. I certainly enjoyed spawning it. It’S something that I think is so so cool and important, but um.

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