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Get Emotional!

I’ve said to you the reason you don’t stick to your resolutions, your goals, your declarations to be better, do better and become better is because you are emotionally weak.

We are all emotionally weak. It’s the other side of the sword to the great gift we were given as humans, the ability to chose our destiny. We are also the only species given this choice… the choice to do less than our best.

Every other life form does all they can. Trees grow as high as they can, squirrels store up as many nuts as they can, bees make as much honey as they can, bulls reproduce as much as they can… every other life form does all they can. It’s only humans who do less than they can. The psychology that gives us this choice also makes us weak; emotionally weak.

In this video I’ll reinforce why you need to GET PISSED. Stop letting yourself off the hook.
Stop accepting. Stop settling. Stop breaking your word to yourself.
If you’re fat – get pissed.
If you’re broke – get pissed.
If you’re mediocre – get pissed.
If you’re scared – get pissed.
That’s it, no more. Draw a line in the sand. Say, “I’ve had it!”
Resolve once and for all that THIS IS IT.
No more… will you not live like this.

Indifference is a disease. You have to attack it. You have to get after it.
Next best thing to prosperity is adversity. And it is usually adversity that finally stirs you out of a stupor to finally rise up and do something about your mediocre situation.

You need inspiration or desperation.
You need to ignite strong feelings.

Stop being polite.
Stop complaining.
Stop excusing yourself.
It’s your freaking fault.
You have or don’t have what you want because you’ve been lazy, undisciplined, lacked self-control and acted immaturely. Own it. And get pissed about it. You should be pissed.

You have been given all these great gifts and capabilities by your creator and you have squandered them by succumbing to weakness. With those awesome capabilities, you were given the grand gift of choice… and THIS is what you have chosen?

How does that make you feel? Mad? Mad at me for talking to you like this? Or mad at yourself for letting yourself, and your creator down?
Either way, GET MAD. You should be mad.
Here’s the bottom line, stop pussyfooting around with your life, buck up, grow up and get after it. Muster up some emotional strength, anger works, and start DOING what you know to do. No excuses, just action. No whining, no excuses, no complaining, no “yeah buts”. That hasn’t worked for you. Turn to anger instead. Use the negative emotion of anger to initiate the positive shifts you need to change your life.

So, this year, make an actual RESOLUTION.
Stop making wishes and just state what you WILL do.
Draw that line in the sand and then Shut The Front Door.
Never go back there again. Lock the door… and don’t look back.
Resolve that THIS IS IT. Only look forward. The new you starts RIGHT NOW. The one you were supposed to be.
The “old you” is over. All the old excuses are gone. All your old stories are over.
Decide right now to never settle for LESS again.
Resolve to become ALL… all that you can become.

Hey look, you think you have pain? Here’s the worst pain of all… for you, for your spirit, your inner potential… and to your creator: Knowing that you are NOT doing ALL that you can.

Let’s go. I’ll help you.

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