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Every quarter, Uncle Sam publishes a list of offshore companies he believes are violating tax law. The list can be seen by anyone and it has become more public than ever before.

“This list, published in the Federal Register, consists of the names of former US citizens who have chosen to expatriate.” This means they’ve given up US citizenship and passport.

They’ve also given up the right to live and work in the United States, and they could potentially be banned from coming in as well.

The list of shame for the first quarter of 2022 was slightly higher than 489 in 4Q2021, but less than 2,907. The time period also coincides with a peak number recorded which coincides with a high in attention paid to potential predators.

Introduction: What is an Expatriate and Why do Americans Choose to Expatriate?

An expatriate is a person who leaves their country of citizenship and resides in another country. Americans are becoming more and more interested in expatriating to other countries, which has led to a rise in the number of Americans living abroad.

Some reasons for Americans choosing to expatriate are:

-To improve your quality of life

-To gain new experiences

-To develop your career

Benefits of Moving Overseas

Moving to a foreign country is one of the most difficult things you can do. It requires planning, research, and tons of money. But if you’re considering relocating, here are some benefits that might help you make the decision.

The first and most obvious benefit is tax savings. If you’re an American citizen, moving to a tax haven such as Panama or Cyprus could save you thousands of dollars in taxes.

The second benefit is reduced cost of living. Since the cost of living in many countries outside the US is much lower than it is in America, it’s possible to save thousands more by moving abroad for work or for retirement purposes.

Thirdly, expatriate workers have access to better healthcare plans and other benefits than those that are available in the home country.

Top Reasons why Americans are choosing to Expatriate

Expatriation is the process of voluntarily renouncing or giving up citizenship and moving to a different country.

The top 10 reasons why Americans are choosing to expatriate are:

1. Increased cost of living in the U.S.

2. Lack of opportunity in the US

3. Longer-term career opportunities abroad

4. Better quality of life abroad

5. Better opportunities for family life abroad

6. More freedom and less stress overseas

7. More time to enjoy life and have a better work-life balance

8. More income potential overseas

9. Greater cultural diversity in other countries/geographical benefits (eastern Europe, Asia)

10 . More affordable cost of living overseas

Why You Should Consider Expat Living Abroad

Expat living abroad is becoming a more popular option for many people worldwide. It gives them the opportunity to save money and live in a different country.

Expats can find cheaper homes, more interesting jobs, and better quality of life. Living in a foreign country can also help you learn about new cultures and have new experiences that you may not be able to have at home.

The benefits of expat living are clear, but there are still some risks involved with this type of lifestyle. Expats should consider these risks before making the decision to move overseas.

There’s considerable evidence, though, that a far larger number of Americans have wanted to expatriate than these numbers might go on to indicate. So why haven’t they yet?

This is one of the reasons you might have trouble finding a proper and reliable visa. Along with this, this is also just one of the specific cases where people need to make an appointment with local officials. It may be harder to find time for a personal appearance but that’s generally never ideal.

Top 5 Mistakes that could cause Expatriates to go back home

One of the top five mistakes that could cause Americans to return home is not having a clear goal. This can be caused by lack of planning, unclear goals, or unrealistic expectations.

This mistake would ultimately lead to feelings of regret and frustration. Another mistake that could cause Americans to leave the United States is not being realistic with their expectations. This could be due to a lack of knowledge about their new country, cultural differences, or difficulty adjusting to their new life.

Another mistake is not developing any long-term plans for success in the US. This can be caused by unrealistic expectations and a lack of knowledge about what they are getting themselves into when they move abroad.

Some people might also feel regretful because they left loved ones behind in America who were dependent on them and needed them for financial support.

How To Make The Switch From US Citizen To Expatriate

It is not easy to become an expatriate. However, it can be done if you know how to make the switch. This article will help you learn how to apply for a work visa as an expat and when is the right time to consider moving abroad.

The process of becoming an expatriate can be daunting, but it is worth it in the long run. There are many benefits that come with becoming a citizen of another country such as tax breaks, social security, and freedom from government oversight.

US tax requirements are difficult enough even when living right here. But if you’re one of the nine million or so Americans residing in another country, you must file two sets of tax forms each year

Plus, FATCA laws have made it more difficult for Americans living abroad to carry on with their most basic financial and business relationships. This is a growing issue and is something the US should think about more.

The release of a new report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) suggests that the IRS needs to make FACTA enforcement among businesses a top priority going forward.

TIGTA concluded that revenues from FATCA haven’t come close to what proponents of the law had suggested it would bring in, which is a serious problem..

TIGTA recommends additional compliance steps, which mainly involve conducting more audits & assessing more penalties on law-breakers..

Citizens living abroad can expect more surveillance and interference with the ability to carry on several basic aspects of daily life, including opening bank accounts and borrowing money.

The demand for US citizens to obtain and renew their passports is on the rise, with more US embassies and consulates opening across the globe. As a result, we can anticipate an increase in the number of expatriation appointments on offer.


The idea of a “name and shame list” has been around for a while. It was originally named “economic Benedict Arnolds.” But that term is no longer used as more people are known to regularly expatriate.

His idea was that published list of people who had made the decision to turn in their US citizenship and passport might serve as a deterrent for those considering doing so.

Gibbons, with many of his colleagues, believed (falsely) that the only reason Americans gave up their citizenship was to avoid paying taxes.

Expatriating to the US is still one of the most popular choices for many people from abroad. They pay around $2,350 or even less in some cases. This is due to a number of reasons, including that it’s very expensive & time-consuming to leave your country.

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