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Doctor In The House | Only Human

The doctor spends time with the D'Arcy family in Shropshire. Mum and dad Dottie and Russ have a love of fast food and shock the doctor with a regular family meal. Dotti discovers she has type 2 diabetes, and Dr Rangan's mission to correct her diet leads him to unravel the root cause of the family's relationship with food.
Rangan discovers that Russ's firefighter career is more deskbound than active, so encourages a radical lifestyle change. The whole family's health is interlinked, and the doctor encourages them to transform their health by making simple lifestyle changes – involving every aspect from the moment they wake up to the way they sleep at night.

One family. One month. One life-changing doctor's examination. This medical format from the house of Studio Lambert sees a normal family invite a doctor into their lives for one month to undergo the health MOT of a lifetime.
The doctor will investigate every aspects of their lives by living alongside them; following them to work, relaxing with them at home, eating with them, and even staying in their homes overnight to observe their sleep patterns.
Via a series of rigorous observations, medical tests and surprise visits, the doctor will deliver a hard-hitting health diagnosis for the family. Then, launching into a full-scale campaign to turn their unhealthy lifestyles around, the doctor puts a range of simple and effective changes into effect. But will the family stick to the regime?
After a month of consultancy, it's time for the family's final prognosis…

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