Darren Hardy – The Secret (Hard Friggin’ Work!)

The productivity of a tycoon and the life of your dreams are at your fingertips.. Embark on your journey towards personal excellence and fulfillment.

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The following are SIX powerful citations about PRODUCTIVITY and MINDSET.

"Courage is the leader in the mental realm, and when it is down all the other faculties go down as well. Until courage says the word, neither initiative nor any of the other faculties will take a step forward. They refuse to work under discouragement. But when courage leads the way, all the others are activated and come together in team work. Courage is also known as faith and confidence. That is why the first mental principle to work on is faith and confidence. When you have that, you’ve everything else."

"The secret of productivity is focusing of thoughts. Many people focus on other things instead of the task they should be doing. This causes them to be in a state of mind to do the other things they are thinking of and not the task they are not thinking of. This is one of the biggest reasons for procrastination and continual postponing of required work. When you are thinking of something else, you would be more in the mood for that activity. You would be less in the mood for work and that’s why you keep avoiding."

"Build up motivation by focusing on an act. When you start thinking about something hold your mind on it, you will get more ideas about it. The more ideas you have about it, the more you feel like working on it. Pretty soon, you would feel like doing the act now instead of other things. Successful people think more about their work than other irrelevant matters. That is why they are continually motivated almost without effort. Those that think about not working cause themselves to become lazy and unproductive."

"Building motivation for anything is just like building arousal for sex. There are times when a seductive image, thought or feeling comes into your consciousness. The more you think about it, the more sexual thoughts and feelings you have. Pretty soon, you find yourself in the mood as you become more and more aroused, until you just want to engage in sexual activity because you can’t think of anything else but it. The power of sexual transmutation is when you use the same principle in building of motivation."

"Comparatively few people realize how much self-faith has to do with achievement. The great majority never seem to think that it is a real creative force. Yet faith is not only a real power, but one of the greatest we know. In fact, men do great things in proportion to the intensity and the persistency of their faith. Faith is the very core power of achievement. No faith, no achievement. All-absorbing faith, great achievement. See a great achiever is a man of great faith, faith in himself, in his ability to achieve his aim."

"Authenticity is the ultimate way to success. Instead of fronting like you have the power, the wealth and the status, get on a path such that you really have the power, the wealth and the status. The process of growth and development is one of refining, of getting rid of all the fluff, until you arrive at the authentic being. Your authentic self, is already inside you. It’s just a matter of getting rid of all the fluff and pretense."

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I love these videos, definitely a must-watch! 🙂

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