Charles Goyette: Ukraine May Accelerate Petro Dollar’s Death

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed author, Austrian School Economist, newsletter writer and host of the Ron Paul weekly podcast Charles Goyette

In this 40+ minute interview, Jason first asks Charles about what is going on in Ukraine.

Charles talks at length about the US foreign policy and interventionist tactics.

Next, Jason asks Charles about Ukraine's impact on the Petrodollar and how US sanctions may affect Putin to want to move away from the Petro Dollar faster.

Jason asks Charles about China's potential collapse, their use of Keynesian Economics and trillions in misallocated capital both China and globally.

Finally, Charles talks about gold, silver and what money should be and how he and Ron Paul are waking more people up with their weekly Ron Paul podcast and Ron Paul's new website and news channel.

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