Working The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan

By | July 15, 2017

The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan

Before I begin talking about Dr. Perlmutter and his book The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan, I need to tell how I discovered it.

I go to Barnes & Noble or Books-a-Million (major bookstore chains in my area) at least 3 times a week. I consider the bookstore my office and the public library rolled into one. But these are businesses, so I make sure I get a cup of coffee and maybe something to eat whenever I spend time there.

Call it rent for browsing the books.

Most books I examine are useless. Way too much trash gets published. I read dozens of introductions and tables of content, scan a few pages, and determine if more reading would be beneficial.

If I find a winner, I dig in, read, take notes, and sometimes write reviews.

A few times a year, I actually have to buy the book. The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan is one such purchase.

Dr. Perlmutter packs too much information and advice to absorb in one sitting. His checklist on pages 173-174 is worth the price of admission.

You have probably seen him on PBS donation drives in the past, but the latest book in the Grain Brain series ties your whole life together.

I can’t pretend that I follow all of his advice, but I have type II diabetes, and my father died of Alzheimer’s disease, and his plan is helping me reverse the former and prevent the latter.

I recommend you take a read for yourself and decide if his advice can improve your life.

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