The Plant Paradox – Dr Steven Gundry Should Be Jailed

By | February 10, 2018

Books by Steven R. Gundry, MD

Konnichewah, Gojiman here. Welcome back to my channel. Today I am going to be debunking the plant paradox by Dr Steven Gundry. Over the last few weeks I have had so many people as me about this book so today I am going to analyse why this is one of the most laughable publications I have read in a while.

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So recently the plant paradox has been getting a lot of publicity. Steven Gundry claims that lectins in fruits and vegetables are the main source for all human diseases. Now I usually laugh and swat away every bit of nonsense that gets attention in the media. But this particular book has been getting a lot of attention and a lot of people across social media have bought into this hype. So I feel compelled to speak out about it.

So according to his book its the highly toxic plant based proteins called lectins that make plants dangerous to our health. And he makes a lots of fuss about gluten being one of the most toxic lectins. He suggests that after eating lectins these proteins cause body wide inflammation that causes high levels of weight gain and also serious health conditions.

In the book he also cites a large list of diseases that he has reversed after putting his patients on lectin free diets. Cancer, heart disease, mental health issues. You name it he has cure did with lectin avoidance. If true, these claims would send shock waves through the nutrition world.

Now given his claims go completely against the known benefits of fruits and vegetables: reduction in heart disease rates, lower rates of cancer, lower rates of strokes etc etc, I was very keen to look at the science he was putting forward in his book, Because clearly if the science was peer-reviewed and it stands up to scrutiny then I am going to need to pay a bit more attention to lectins.

Funnily enough, I stopped a few chapters in because the science this idiot was citing was laughable. I mean I don’t think I have read something so ridiculous since the atkins diet. Page by page it just gets worse and worse.

For example, on page 4 he talks about egg yolks and shellfish dramatically reducing cholesterol levels. And he leaves a little reference. Now I had a little look at the reference and the article makes absolutely no mention of such claims. It doesn't even mention egg yolks.

Then he goes on to talk about lectin avoidance on page 38 as being cited in the scientific literature as the global global cure for autoimmune diseases. So again I had a little sneaky look at the reference and its for some random extract from some random conference. What is worse is that it can’t even be accessed online. I mean if this is the basis of his peer review literature then he needs to go back to med school.

Now after these I started to lose all patience with the book and very quickly put it down, and to this day I have never given it a second glance. I find this book insulting given that academic credential this heart surgeon carries. Surely given his medical training he would know how to reference and what peer-reviewed science consists of?

So you have to then ask how he ever thinks that he would get away with referencing his book so poorly. It amounts to either shocking levels of negligence or even worse socking levels of incompetence.

Now given his credentials, media support and social media presence there are many people who will lap up every word of his book. And I think for this very reason Dr Gundry should be extremely embarrassed.

Given his heart surgeon background, I find it hilarious that he just dismisses whole food plant based diets without a second thought. Even more so since plant based diets are the only diet in the world that has ever been proven to reverse heart disease.

So because of his recommendations his followers are now avoiding beans, grains, peppers, tomatoes and many other fruits and vegetables and in turn replacing them with chicken, grass fed beef and non grain energy bars. Now call me stupid but this is just a reinvention of the atkins diet. A diet that has never stood up to peer-reviewed science.

Now I will concede that if you have a underlying gut problem such as leaky gut, candida or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth then some proteins such as gluten and certain lectins can be problematic. But here the underlying gut problem is the issue and not the wheat or lectin.

Yes there is also people who have gluten or certain lectin allergies, but again these people are in the absolutely minority, and to make such broad sweeping statements that lectins are behind all diseases without even providing anything substantial to substantiate such claims, then I can only assume he is after making a quick buck.

I can only hope this fad doesn’t stay around for anywhere near the amount of time we had to put up with the atkins diet, and if it does then Dr Grundy should be thrown in jail for the harm he will cause to thousands of unsuspecting victims.


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