Dr. Steven Gundry – Worst Of The Food Industry – Plant Paradox Review & Lectins Debunked

By | February 21, 2018

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Lectins Dr Gundry, Gundry MD Scam, Lectin Free Diet, Plant Paradox Review, Gundry MD Vital Reds, Gundry Debunked, Dr Gundry Video 2018, Dr. Steven R Gundry #WorstOfTheFoodIndustry – the plant Paradox debunked. Topics include lectins, beans and legumes, fruit, sugar, olive oil and ketosis. Lectins are not what's causing America's Health crisis. Get on a Whole Foods plant-based diet..

Fruit raises your cholesterol? Beans are "toxic"?

First of all, Studies show that bean intake has the potential to decrease serum cholesterol concentrations, improve many aspects of the diabetic state, and provide metabolic benefits that aid in weight control.
Now, White people in America are eating the most pitiful amount of beans to begin with. Just a few pounds per person per year. Meanwhile, Hispanics are eating 31 pounds of beans per person per year. Hispanics also eat more corn, more tomatoes, and more peppers. That's a lot of lectins. If beans and lectins are so poisonous as Dr gundry claims, wouldn't you expect to see negative Health outcomes among the Hispanic population as a result? Quite the opposite. In fact, Hispanics have a longer life expectancy than non-hispanic whites and blacks in both men and women in the United States. Not only that, but they also have lower rates of lung cancer, bladder cancer, throat cancer, and colon cancer.
If beans are poisonous, the people who eat the most of them sure are living longer and getting less cancer. So what is Dr gundry recommending you eat?

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