Dr. Steven Gundry Answers Questions About New Book, “The Plant Paradox”

By | February 24, 2018

Books by Steven R. Gundry, MD

Dr. Gundry answers common questions readers have been sending in about his controversial new book, The Plant Paradox:

  1. Why did you write the Plant paradox? [0:15]
  2. What’s the difference between Diet Evolution and The Plant Paradox? [1:00]
  3. Where can I get The Plant Paradox? [1:38]
  4. Are there recipes and meal plans in The Plant Paradox? [2:00]
  5. Whom can The Plant Paradox help? [2:23]
  6. Why do doctors always tell me to eat my veggies? [3:11]
  7. What’s the story with fruit? [3:49]
  8. Can a vegetarian still follow The Plant Paradox? Can a vegan follow it? [4:32]
  9. Can I do the Plant Paradox plan in an affordable way? [5:08]
  10. I don’t have a fancy health foods store in my area. Where should I shop? [6:14]
  11. What else should I know about The Plant Paradox? [6:53]

To order your copy of the Plant Paradox, go to your local bookstore or click here:



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