Conquering Diabesity – Natural Solutions For Diabetes And The Obesity Epidemic

A study published in the medical journal Neurology found that diabetes “almost doubled the risk of dementia.

Your glucose-packed blood constantly rushes through your brain, adding to the buildup that causes Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. When I read that, I had trouble not imagining it happening inside my own brain.

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Diabesity is a new epidemic that's quickly on the rise. Find out how to reverse and prevent symptoms of diabetes, plus how to protect your body against storing excess fat.

In this episode you'll learn:
What diabesity is and where it originated.
What the symptoms of diabesity are (you can look down right now and know if you have it!)
How the rates of diabetes have changed in the last 100+ years (this will shock you!)
What blood test you want to get when monitoring systemic inflammation and potential blood sugar problems.
How diabetes is actually created (the step-by-step process – this is powerful!)
What insulin really is and how it works.
The specific tissues that are most responsive to insulin (this can mean life or death…)
Why storing unwanted fat is actually a very healthy response of your body.
The surprising impact that whole grains have on your blood sugar.
How your amazing liver assists in managing healthy blood sugar levels.
What the different types of body fat are and how they work.
Why women and men store fat differently.
How genetics relates to diabetes and obesity (the good, bad, and the ugly!)
Why statin drugs increase diabetes risk.
The 8 steps to completely reverse diabetes and obesity-related symptoms.
What category of foods will help your leptin sensitivity and control your appetite.
Why exercise can NEVER compete with your diet.
How you can use exercise to treat diabetes (it's a compliment, not a cure!)
What supplements are effective in treating diabetes naturally.
How stress can lead to diabetes and what to do about it (you need to know this!)
Why optimizing your sleep can help you successfully prevent and treat diabetes.

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